Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Slice and Insert!

One of the techniques mentioned in the new 'Quilting Modern' book recently reviewed by Hazel was 'Slice & Insert'. This is a technique I have been playing with recently so I thought I would share some of my projects with you.
I am working on a new liberated patchwork workshop sample inspired by one of my favourite Gee's Bend quilts. I decided to slice and insert a red strip into my liberated stars - I am really pleased with the effect.

 I have also used the technique on an orphan Civil War block. This was inspired by reading Rayna Gilman's latest book where she encourages us to chop up those orphan blocks. This one you may recognise as 'Birds in the air.' I know the fabrics are far from modern but bear with me as I think you might find the results interesting.
 First I sliced it diagonally and inserted a pale cream strip. Still boring, I know!
 But then I sliced again through the other two small triangles and rearranged the pieces - this is much better I think!
 Got any orphan blocks that could do with a makeover?

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