Sunday, 10 June 2012

Modern Quilting Magazine

When I first heard about this magazine I tried to get a copy but to no avail. So when I saw it in WH Smith at the weekend I decided to buy it. Normally I don't buy magazines, preferring to save my money for books (you should see my Amazon wish list!) but this is for research purposes isn't it?
 Also I was drawn to the cover as I am a fan of Tula Pink - hers was one of the first blogs I followed.

 I am actually quite impressed with the magazine - there are loads of great articles - much more in depth than your average quilting mag.
 I never knew that Amy Butler's hubby was a fabric designer too - there is a good article about him and the pattern for this quilt made from his fabric line - Parson Gray.

 This is Tula's quilt pattern which appears in the magazine.
Did you know she has a book out? I almost bought it but had already ordered two this week - but it will be my next purchase.
 This Modern Alphabet quilt appears in the mag - but not the pattern.It is available to buy as a pattern but not sure if we can get it in the UK. Perhaps it is in the book?
Anyway I love this pattern - the machine quilting on it is excellent, I would love to make it one day!

So to summarise, I think Modern Quilting is a great magazine for up to date info and patterns for modern quilters. However there have been rumours on the internet that the magazine's publishing company has gone into receivership - I have no idea if these are true or not. All I will say is that I will not be taking out a subscription - just in case! 


  1. I saw this magazine at the fashion and embroidery show back in March and got the first issue. It does look very good but I decided not to subscribe because the publishers are not reliable. They have produced several magazines, e.g. Yarn Forward, but they have all bitten the dust allegedly leaving many of those who submitted articles unpaid and subscriptions unfulfilled. When one title folds, they simply start up another one under a different company name and there do seem to be a lot of disgruntled customers. I think you're wise to get it one issue at a time.

  2. I have been investigating on the internet this morning. They have gone into receivership, and been bought by another company, called Derek barnes, or something, however, that seems to be another company run by the same people. I understand that is a habit of the former owner, and she has done this before, so I would be very careful.

  3. The pattern is available through as well as many other US based companies. Maybe even through ebay.
    The Alphabet pattern is not in the House of Tula Pink book, there is no reference to it at all from what I can see.

  4. The magazine was previously owned by All Craft Media which went into administration in May this year. All Craft Media was previously Kal Media which went into Liquidation in June last year. The companies go bust and they're just started up again in a new name/same people. Both companies owed large sums of money to designers and printers, and also had a reputation for not returning samples (when ACM went into Administration about 350 items going back a number of years were obtained by the Administrator). However, Knit Magazine, Inside Crochet and Handmade Living have all been bought by a reputable company - Tailor Made Publishing.

    Craft Magazine Shop (same people/different name) now owns Modern Quilting, Simply Sewing, Handmade Fashions, Handmade Weddings and Simply Beautiful. I would highly recommend you don't touch this company with a barge pole.

    1. it's a pity I didn't read all this earlier - have set up a subscription at the Birmingham International Quilt show with this magazine. Oh well - I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  5. FYI: this magazine appears to have ceased publication. Anyone who has a subscription with Newsstand will receive an email shortly, anybody who has a subscription direct with Craft Magazines Shop can try sending a recorded delivery letter and/or contacting Trading Standards.