Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fat Quarterly

We all like magazines right? But where do you find a magazine devoted to modern quilting, packed with inspiring projects and articles? Well, in my opinion you can't go far wrong with Fat Quarterly. It's an  emagazine aimed at modern quilters and I love it! To get a flavour of the magazine visit the blog page then check out the tutorials. 

Each issue has loads of projects on a theme such as 'Scraps', 'Fussy Cutting', 'Solids' and in the current issue 'Kids'. You can buy each issue, including back issues, individually for $8 or you can subscribe to 4 issues at a time for $28. In the current issue there are 17  quilt and sewing projects in a modern style plus several articles  a showcase of current fabrics, and a book review. The magazine can be viewed in a Flipbook format enabling pages to be turned on the screen and a one click zoom means you can see the text and pictures up close. You can also download the PDF version. Pages can be printed and the description of each issue on the site has sample pages to view before you buy.
2 of the 3 contents pages for issue 9

I was so impressed I decided to subscribe and within a few seconds of paying by Paypal I had automatically been logged in and had an email with my login details for future reference. Each issue also comes with a substantial list of discount vouchers for online fabrics stores ranging from 10 to 20% off purchases. Visit Trudi, The Prolific Quilter to see how she's making the most of her vouchers!

Now I just need to double the number of hours in every day to give me time to make some of these wonderful quilts! Let us know your favourite magazines, books and websites by leaving a comment below.


P.S For Hexagon inspiration visit the Tuesday Quilters blog to see and read about Helene's amazing first quilt and how she swaps fabric with crafters around the world.


  1. Have you seen their book? One of the authors is a friend of mine so I got a sneak preview - I have never had a quilt book I wanted to make everything in it before! It is absolutely fab. It is available on Amazon but I'm not sure if its being dispatched yet - if not yet it is soon I'm sure. I put post it notes in books/mags that I want to make stuff in, abandoned the process half way through the book when I realised I was doing every page!

  2. Thanks for another great review Hazel - as you say the list of quilts to make just gets longer!