Monday, 3 December 2012

Simple Squares - Progress!

I have started work on the quilt of the previous post which I have decided to call 'Simple Squares'. Due to the dull weather conditions and limited daylight hours all photos are taken in my extension room where there is the most natural light so you will be seeing more of my new blue Ikea sofa! The design wall in the sewing room is just no good for photos at this time of year.

I will give directions of how I am making this quilt, just in case you feel inspired to join me!
I decided to use twenty 10 inch squares - these can actually be cut from 5 fat quarters - as long as they are metric FQs (20 x 22 inches).
I then cut fifteen strips of 10 x 3 inches and joined the squares and strips as shown in the photo below. This produced five rows, each containing four squares.

I then cut four strips 3 x 46 inches to join the five rows together as shown in the photo below.

This has produced a quilt top of 46 x 58 inches.
I will add borders next, probably of 5 or 6 inches, also in the plain grey.
The layout of squares is not random, can you see the pattern? The vertical rows are all set in the same order, just starting at different points in the sequence.

Hope you are finding time for quilting at this busy time of the year?

Janet x

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