Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hello everyone. The other day I was talking to Hazel and she was saying that she is very busy, andstruggling to find time to keep our bog up to date. Well, before I knew what was happening, the words just popped out of my mouth and I offered to take over writing the blog for a while.  I hope you're all OK with this, but if not, or if you would like to share the writing, do let me know.

I have one or two ideas in mind for regular posts, but if there's anything else you think could be included, just shout. You'll need to shout quite loudly though, cos I've got a problem with one ear at the moment.

One of my bright ideas, which I am starting straight away is a regular "In the Spotlight" feature,where I will ask a willing volunteer to answer some questions for me, and I'll then write a blog post with their replies.

Another thing I'm going to be doing regularly is a book review.  I have persuaded several publishers (Martingale, CT Publications and American Quilters' Society so far) to send me e-books which I will then review here.  Some of these reviews will also include a giveaway of an e-copy of the book. I have a great list of books so far, some brand new out, some slightly older, but all with a modern theme (obviously) so I hope you enjoy this.

I also wondered if there is any interest in a Buy/Sell/Swap article from time to time?  This could be fabric, books, tools, finished quilts, UFOs, anything really with a quilt-related theme.  What is the general feeling about that?

One last thing (for now), if you write a blog and would like to be listed on the sidebar, please let me know the blog address and I'll add it straight away.

OK, well that's enough of my witterings for now, come back in a couple of days to see who is "In the Spotlight" this month.


  1. this sounds a great idea Sue, thanks for taking the time to do it. My blog is margaret-margiestitcher.blogspot.com/ though it is not just modern as I do other things too!

  2. All your ideas are wonderful. Thank you in advance for taking on this task, it is appreciated as this is my only connection to the quilting craft. I have a blog, however it's not always modern quilting that I do. Sandysquiltersblock.blogspot.com

  3. well done you :)))) and i like all your ideas .....................have a blog but need to do more post before i let you have it !!!