Saturday, 13 April 2013

Love Quilting

Here's a quick update on printing templates from the ipad version of Love Quilting Magazine. I got a quick and helpful reply to my email question from Jenny the editor of the magazine. Here's what she said:

Hi Hazel

Thanks so much for buying the mag. I've just been over to your MQG site - what a fantastic blog - you must be inspiring so many quilters!

The ipad printing IS a bit of an issue. As you noted on the blog, it only connects to an Air printer which so few of us have.

I don't have an online download for the templates in this issue (but I plan to include this for any future issues...)

However I did test the screen shot method myself here in the office and found it worked as follows:

1. Hold the ipad in the portrait position (ie with the home button at the bottom) so that only one single page at a time is visible.
2. Take a screen shot of the single page (hold down the power button and home button together). The image should automatically save to your image library.
3. Email the image to your desktop computer (are you still with me!?) and you can print it from there.

I tested the Marcelle Medallion templates in the office, and found that by enlarging the document I opened from my email by 132% before printing gave me the correct size (but do make use of the test square on the printout of any of the templates to ensure it is the correct size - I added them with this process in mind).

I do hope that helps - please do let me know.

Do also check out the Facebook page: as I'll be letting readers know if/when a next issue is confirmed (fingers crossed).

Thanks again for your and the Guild's interest in the mag, and keep in touch!

With warmest wishes

So, thank you Jenny. I'll do a trial run later using Jenny's method and I'm pleased to hear of the plan to have the templates online in future. Let's hope the magazine will be published more frequently in future!

Have a great weekend!


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