Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Catching Up

Well it's about time I posted some more news so here goes with a quick catch-up! Some of our members had a get-together at the International Quilting Day hosted by Janet's group in Barnsley and had a fantastic day with lots of other quilters. One activity was a Block Lotto with blocks in black, white and lime green. Quilters made blocks and were given a raffle ticket for each one donated then lucky winners were drawn out of the hat and each won enough blocks to make a quilt! The photo above shows just a small selection of the blocks which made a stunning display. Check out the Block Lotto website which organises monthly lottos -
Janet's button tree - one of the mini workshops
There were lots of great shopping opportunities with a bring and buy and silent auction plus a raffle and homemade cakes. There were also two mini workshops to take part in and all the profit went to Barnsley Hospice - a total of £1900 on the day! Well done to Janet and her group for an amazing total.

The Quilt Con exhibition in the US organised by the Modern Quilt Guild has produced Tons of inspiration on the internet. You can watch videos of the lectures on Craftsy - I've added the link on our sidebar and enthusiasts have been posting photos on their blogs and Flickr. Luana Rubin has over 200 photos to view here.

Recently I've been investigating digital versions of quilt magazines for the iPad and discovered many of the American magazines are much cheaper to subscribe to this way than buying the printed versions. e.g McCalls Quilting cost only $1.99 and issue through the ipad app instead of £4.99 at my local newsagent! I am a fan of Fat Quarterly which can be downloaded as a PDF for tablets and is great value. I also came across a new UK title Love Quilting and Patchwork from the publishers of Molly Makes and Inside Crochet which contains some lovely modern quilts and small projects:

I can't find any information about how often this will be published. If anyone knows more please  leave a comment below.

I've been busy with classes and workshops and have managed to finish a couple of small projects! 

This is a close-up of my staggered Flying Geese table runner which includes some of the fabrics from Riley Blake's 'Hello Sunshine range and I made with freezer paper foundation piecing. Here's a photo of the whole thing - sorry about the photo quality.

I recently found some lovely grey chambray which I intend to use to make a shirt but in the meantime made my driver instructor hubby a tablet cover:

What are you working on at the moment? Why not send me a photo and I can share them on the blog or upload them to our Flickr site.

I'll be back very soon with news of our next SASD.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hi Hazel, the Love Quilting & Patchwork is only planned to be released twice a year - next one due in the Autumn. However, I've been told if we make it known how much we like it we might be able to influence them into doing it more often. I was gutted to miss out on advertising in it (my fault) as it was so good.

  2. I nagged the girls on the Molly makes stand at sewing for pleasure about making love quilting a monthly magazine, as the first edition sold out so quickly I hope they think seriously about it!
    Can you print templates off when you but a digital subscription?
    I had a great day at IQD, I'm looking forward to paying with my Lotto blocks and getting them into a quilt!
    I've been playing with my hello sunshine fabric too, will put some pics in the Flickr album later!

  3. Well done on the money raised at the get together and for such a worthwhile cause.
    If anyone wants a chance to win a hard copy of the magazine, there is one currently being given away on my blog. It is a great magazine and it would be nice if there were more issues per annum.
    I've also wondered if you can print out patterns from digital issues and look forward to a reply to that question.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments and information about the magazine. I've been investigating printing from the iPad digital version with mixed results. The magazine downloads in the Newsstand app and includes the Nikki Trench booklet which came with the print version. According to the help page I should be able to simply tap on a page and then tap on the print icon. When I tried this I didn't get a print icon but I don't have an air printer so that may be why.
    I then took a screen shot of a page with templates, transferred it to my PC via Dropbox and printed the image of the page. Unfortunately the printout is a fraction smaller than it should be. This wouldn't make much of a difference to some items (the owl or the apple pincushion) but for the medallion quilt it would be a problem. I've emailed the publisher asking for instructions so will let you know if I hear from them. If anyone has had more success with this please help!