Monday, 30 April 2012

Sometimes quilt backs should be fronts!

Last weekend I was teaching a class in which most people were making their first quilts.
One of the students, Claire told me she had pieced a back for her quilt using her scraps. Great, I thought, until I saw it!
It's too nice for a back - I told her she should make it into another quilt!

 She learned to make these liberated blocks from watching a YouTube video.
The background is a lovely pale grey - its a great example of a modern quilt!
We discussed the quilting - I suggested parallel line quilting.
Can't wait to see it finished! No pressure Claire!

For loads more modern quilting ideas - click on the Pinterest button on the sidebar - Hazel has been very busy posting photos and links to tutorials.


  1. I agree - it is too good for a back. Love the colours and can't wait to see it quilted!

  2. It's all finished and I think it looks great! There are some photos on my blog. A few lessons learned along the way....check stitches after reloading bobbin after a few stitches not 5 rows of quilting in........right sides together when making binding...........are the main ones. Quilt number three is currently being planned........