Friday 5 June 2015

Show & Tell May 2015

We had a great meeting the other day with lots of chat and laughter going on, as well as lots of sewing.  At lunch time we had our traditional show and tell session, and here is the slideshow, which, for some reason, blogger will not let me  put in the centre of the column.  Grr.
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Saturday 9 May 2015

Sew and Tell 18th April

We haven't had any Show and Tell photos for a bit and I thought we needed some to keep the blog lively. I took some photos on April 18th and hoped to perform digital miracles by getting them on the blog
Sue Abrey has been trying to instruct me in the finer points of  doing this ,but I am a very slow learner , digitally inept ,and no use to man nor beast. Subsequently if you would connect manually to the link below you may behold the pictures . (there again you might not ).
Sorry the pictures are nameless but they were all smashing.
Thanks to Liz for the pencil roll  tutorial.

Friday 6 February 2015

Here's a question for you ...

... but first, I apologise for the silence over the last couple of months.  I will try and do better from here on.

Now, to the question.  This is something that has been exercising my brain a lot lately. What exactly IS a "modern quilt"?  I have seen various suggestions as to what constitutes a modern quilt, ranging from quilts not having borders, quilts with a lot of white in them, quilts that only use plain fabrics and various other suggestions.  I have already posed the same question on my own blog, here and received some interesting answers, so I thought I'd throw this one out to you lot.  Who can define modern quilting for me?

I'll see some of you tomorrow at our meeting.

Oh yes, and don't forget our challenge.  To make a fabric postcard on the theme of Spring.  The entries are due at our March meeting.